Hot Tamale Challenge

Do you have what it takes to slam down four of our massive burritos and swallow down the entirety of their deliciousness?  Can you overcome the unbelievably full feeling you are going to have from our burrito bombs?  The combined weight of these burritos come together to tip the scales at just over an overwhelming FIVE AND A HALF pounds!!!  But the hurdle in this obstacle comes when you realize you only have forty minutes to finish them.  If you think you can take on this challenge and get your name forever posted on the HT Wall of Fame – stop in to one of our restaurants and give it a go! 

If you are able to accomplish this distinguished feat – the meal is on us!  But if you are unable to finish all four burritos in the allotted amount of time, be ready to pay up and just be another tally mark on the list of attempts for the challenge.


Meet Some of Our Contestants

Nick, Bubba, & Corbine
Matt, Gregg, & CURRENT CHAMP Bob
Ben Ellison took down three and a half before he needed his sidekick to quick grab him a pail.
Henry Leader at his SECOND shot at it! He's hoping that the third time will be a charm…
After Jack failed, you bet we made him pay up! He may be little – but he made the biggest mess out of any contestant!


Hot Tamale Challenge

Your meal could be on us!
See what it's all about!

Meet Our Friends
Pete Pepper & Cactus Jack

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