Food Allergies

  Eggs Fish Gluten Milk Peanuts Soy Wheat Flour
Beef           -  
Black Beans           -  
Brownies -     -      
Cheese       -      
Chicken           -  
Flour Tortillas     -       -
Pork           -  
Pinto Beans           -  
Refried Beans           -  
Rice           -  
Sour Cream       -      
Tortilla Chips           -  
Steak           -  

Some ingredients may differ due to recipe revisions or different food preparation by the restaurant.

*This chart is meant solely for the convenience of the customer as a brief overview of the allergens in our food products.  If you have serious allergen concerns, please consult your doctor as Hot Tamale is not responsible for individual’s food consumption at each restaurant or what ingredients are picked in your meal.

Food Allergies: For our friends who are Lactose intolerant, please avoid our dairy products and please note that our brownies contain milk. There are no peanuts in our restaurants or kitchens, so those with peanut allergies are safe to eat everything.

For Our Celiac’s (Those who cannot have gluten): All of our food is safe for you to eat, minus the flour tortillas.  But don’t fret our friendly celiacs, we have not forgotten you!  We have plenty of options for you at HT to try to fill the void of the tortilla shell.  Try our tasty Taco Salad, Big Earn, or Bear Naked Burrito Bowl to name a few.

Vegetarians:  The only thing that you need to avoid at Hot Tamale is the meat!  Our beans and rice are vegetarian based specifically for this group of HT friends!  So have no fear, any item on our menu can be customized to fit your vegetarian needs!

Vegans:  Along with avoiding the meats – stay away from the sour cream, cheeses, and brownies.  That’s all so enjoy the rest of the ingredients that HT has to offer!


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